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Atlanta GA Towing Service

Atlanta Georgia Area Towing

Towing Methods

Towing service is a lifesaver during any roadside breakdown. Depending on the severity of your issue, different tow trucks can help you out of a sticky situation. Here are three methods for selecting the most effective roadside assistance solution for your situation from the company and you of course.


This method employs a truck with a large flat surface called a flatbed. The truck pulls the car up onto the flatbed, and technicians fix it in place. Because this is one of the safest and most secure options for transporting a vehicle, it is often used in roadside accidents or breakdowns. It’s also commonly used as a vehicle carrier on long-distance hauls.



As a more affordable alternative, wheel-lift trucks pick up vehicles by raising the front or rear wheels and hauling the car to the preferred location. With a specialized winch and dolly system powered by the truck’s hydraulics, it supports the whole vehicle. This towing style minimizes any damage from rolling your car along the road. This option is also suited for short distances and maneuvering tight angles without scratching or damaging the vehicle.



Like flatbed trucks in appearance, rollback tow trucks have a winch and hydraulic system that enables the flat surface to tilt and meet the pavement. This towing method allows technicians to drive the vehicle onto the flatbed—a useful feature for severely damaged cars but can still roll.

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